About Phyllis

From left to right: James Booth, Jeff Booth Sr., Phyllis Booth, and Jeff Booth Jr.

Democracy is a primary value for me. I have worked with Friends of the Waterfront, the Carnegie Group, Public Funds for Public Purposes, the American Red Cross, Quixote Camp and now Village from 2007 to the present, Olympia Free Clinic (presently), two United Methodist Church from Olympia to Centrailia (presently) and I am currently vice president of the Olympia United Methodist Women a group that raises over $20,000 annually for children, youth and women locally and worldwide, one Presbyterian Church, school volunteer at three schools for twelve years, worked with Mexican youth in Centrailia for a number of years, Boy Scout leader, Legislative District 22 Chair for 2018 and 2018 Democratic Platform Chair, going into eight years of Democratic Precinct Committee Officer service, have worked the Burger Booth for nearly three decades, volunteer doorbeller and organizer for multiple issues and candidates for 30 years both in the city and county.

Lately, I have worked for 19 months with Olympians for Smart Development and Livable Neighborhoods asking the City of Olympia to start over with the Missing Middle as it violates the democratically developed comprehensive plan.

I have met some of the greatest people in all of this volunteer work. I dedicate my campaign to those who are no longer with us: Herb Legg, Tom Howdeshell, Duane King, Kathleen Downey Friedman, Bernie Friedman, Lynn Salerno, Eve Johnson, Jerry Parker, Mary Murphy, Dane Ferrell, Chris Carson, Jason Loree, and many others whom I worked with in the volunteer world.